Wednesday, December 15, 2010

why i cant play Aika Online

Aika Online
When i saw this game i wanted to play it. So i sing up to play this game and did all the download for it. that taken in 5 hour to do. then i install it on my PC then i go to play it but cant :(
so i try to find out why i cant play this good looking game.
so i search Google to find out why i cant play this game but did not find any thing at all
so i look at Facebook and i found there fan page and there i fond out why i cant play this game.

Due to service restrictions, new registered accounts in Aika outside of the US and Canada cannot play this version of Aika.

That is why i cant play this game

What is Aika Online?
Aika is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role playing game. In its fantasy world, the demon-like Zerecas have corrupted and enslaved the monsters and creatures in the land in their plan to rid the world of all Humans. The goddess Aika created the fairy-like Prans to ally with the Humans against the Zereca. Will the humans and their new allies defeat their evil attackers or be torn apart by internal war?

Besides boasting the standard MMO features like questing, dungeon-running and crafting, Aika is heavily focused on PvP features. Aika is optimized for large scale Nation Wars where thousands of players can fight at one time. In Aika you can: fight for control over your nation during a Castle Siege, attack an enemy nation to capture their magical artifacts to boost your nation's power, and participate in a variety of exciting PvP games in the battlegrounds

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blue Knight

Help Lanthas, the Blue Knight, free the land from evil once and for all

Y3.com - 9500+ Free Games

Y3.com - 9500+ Free Games

Game controls: How to play Blue Knight:
Option 1:
WASD - Move.
J & I - Attack.
K - Jump.
L - Block.

Option 2:
Arrows - Move.
C & Space - Attack.
X - Jump.
Z - Block.

one of the biggest lie in the world

One of the biggest lie in the world  i would have to say is (i have read the Terms of Service and i agree to it). But to many people don't read this at all and they just agree to it the only time people read it if there is something wrong so you go and read the TOS. I use to play lastchaos.aeriagames.com.
I have work so hard getting my Account to LVL 98 it has taken me 3 year to get there and one day i go to log on to play the game and only to find that my Account was permanent terminated.
So i emailed them and this is what i got from them

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Games that pay you real money

Dungeons treasures
 is a RPG Games that pay you real money
just play the game explore dungeons in search of treasures and monsters to slay you get gold killing monsters and find key to treasures box
at the  last the day of the month, all accumulated gold will be converted to euro (€). Earnings will reflect on the member’s account page every first week of the following month. Once you reach $10, you can request for payment via PayPal or AlertPay.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine

Wow that is what i can say for this game i use to play this on the ps2  and now i can play it online
at aeriagames . before i was playing lastchaos but now its kind of boring cuz i like this game more
there lots to do in the game and has a nice story to it with exclusive cut-scenes for quests, demon fusion, and speaking with NPCs and big  boss to kill awesome treasure man

MegaTen : Features are this


Team Battles
Item Mixing (Alchemy)

Weapon Modifications

Cinematic Interfaces

Demon Friend
Demon Partnership
Demon Fusion
Demon Rebirth

Engaging Quests
Massive Character Customization
Affiliations Law, Chaos, and Neutral - Players have the ability the choose which side of the storyline they will be affiliated with; the good and evil.

(yeah my Clans is booyaka)
players have the ability to form and enhance their "Clan".  
Each clan has their own specific benefits. you can also upgrade your Clan's level.


see you in the game

Monday, March 22, 2010

Kingdom Heroes on aeria game

 this new game coming soon on Aeria Game is going to be big i use to play this game on my ps2 and i love it
and now its on pc online and its free to play on Aeria Game

so if you start to play this game look me up will be the 1 name booyaka or booyakamix

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Lastchaos by aeriagames

 This is a nice game to if you have a lot of free time on your hand.
i have been play this game for a long time now my highest level is 96 Ranger.
But stop play this game because Aeriagames are GM are one good they will just band
you even if you did not hack there game. If some in the game report you for hacking
you will get band even if you did not do it at all they band my level is 96 Ranger so i 
stop playing it for a year. 

Then i saw some cool new photo in Facebook so me and my son got back to playing it
for 6 mouth me and my son got out knight to level 100 we was so happy 
but after tow week of being level 100 my son knight got band,  Aeriagames say that he 
was hacking but my son did not hack how would a 6 year old  hack there game like i say
the GM for  Aeriagames are fuckup in the head. so even if me and my son like the game
we dont play it no more, but i did see a lastchaos game that is not in Aeriagames sever
may be one of this day will get back to play this game but no in Aeriagames sever

so if you want to play this just go to http://lastchaos.aeriagames.com/





booyaka red






Pet Extravaganza

Don't be fooled by the cute look of ichi

Beware the magic of the scra-chi

A mighty steed the Horse will never leave your side

Feel the power of the mounted Dragon


Weapon Choices

  • Sword and Shield - maximum survivability
  • Dual swords - maximum damage

Key Strengths

  • Massive defensive capabilities
  • Can take and give damage equally

Dual Class (Job) Options

  • Royal Knight
  • Temple Knight 


Weapon Choices

  • Sceptor - Magical attack and healing
  • Bow - Long Range massive damage

Key Strengths

  • Healing Spells
  • Magical attack arrows

Dual Class (Job) Options

  • Cleric
  • Archer


Weapon Choices

  • Wand - Fast attacks and magic
  • Staff - High damage

Key Strengths

  • Powerfull Magic
  • Area of Effect and Long Range Spells

Dual Class (Job) Options

  • Witch
  • Wizard


Weapon Choices

  • Dual Daggers - Fast attacks and massive damage
  • Crossbow - Long Range massive damage

Key Strengths

  • Fast Attacks
  • Invisibility

Dual Class (Job) Options

  • Ranger
  • Assassin


Weapon Choices

  • Sword - Fast, powerful blade
  • Axe - High damage, slow

Key Strengths

  • Brute strength
  • High health points

Dual Class (Job) Options

  • Warmaster
  • Highlander


Weapon Choices

  • Fallarm - Elementalists best friend
  • Scythe - Long bladed weapon

Key Strengths

  • Magical Transformation
  • Elemental magical attacks

Dual Class (Job) Options

  • Elementalist
  • Specialist

Night Shadow

Long ago the Night Shadows abandoned Iris and traveled north to Ascadia.For aeons they have faught amongst themselves for dominance, with the opening of the Gate of Shadows they have been reunited with Iris and brought their evil nature with them.
ignis fatuus
Key Strengths:
Soul Sucking
Powerful Magic
Additional Notes:
Must have a level 100 (may be changed to 90) character to create a Night Shadow
Must have an open character slot
Night Shadow starts at level 90
Night Shadow starts in Egeha instead of Randol