Monday, April 5, 2010

Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine

Wow that is what i can say for this game i use to play this on the ps2  and now i can play it online
at aeriagames . before i was playing lastchaos but now its kind of boring cuz i like this game more
there lots to do in the game and has a nice story to it with exclusive cut-scenes for quests, demon fusion, and speaking with NPCs and big  boss to kill awesome treasure man

MegaTen : Features are this


Team Battles
Item Mixing (Alchemy)

Weapon Modifications

Cinematic Interfaces

Demon Friend
Demon Partnership
Demon Fusion
Demon Rebirth

Engaging Quests
Massive Character Customization
Affiliations Law, Chaos, and Neutral - Players have the ability the choose which side of the storyline they will be affiliated with; the good and evil.

(yeah my Clans is booyaka)
players have the ability to form and enhance their "Clan".  
Each clan has their own specific benefits. you can also upgrade your Clan's level.


see you in the game

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