Thursday, December 9, 2010

one of the biggest lie in the world

One of the biggest lie in the world  i would have to say is (i have read the Terms of Service and i agree to it). But to many people don't read this at all and they just agree to it the only time people read it if there is something wrong so you go and read the TOS. I use to play lastchaos.aeriagames.com.
I have work so hard getting my Account to LVL 98 it has taken me 3 year to get there and one day i go to log on to play the game and only to find that my Account was permanent terminated.
So i emailed them and this is what i got from them

Dear booyakamix,

We regret to inform you that service to your your Aeria Games account
has been removed.

Account: booyakamix
This ban is permanent.
The account has been banned for Hacking.

Hacking includes downloading a cheat trainer from the internet and using
it to increase attack speed, and power. Hacking can also include,
taking someones account.

Furthermore, if you have AP on the account, we can delete all characters
and items on the account, and unlock it so that you may access the AP.

If/when access to this account has been restored, you will receive an
email with instructions on how to proceed. If you wish to dispute this
ban, or inquire further. Please respond to this email.


Team Aeria

But what is sad, is i did not do any of this. But a lot of free online game website has the same Terms of Service and that is WE MAY SUSPEND, TERMINATE, MODIFY, OR DELETE ANY ACCOUNT AT ANY TIME WITH OR WITHOUT REASON, WITH OR WITHOUT NOTICE.

With that Terms of Service they can do any thing they want when they fill like it
why is it that there Terms of Service?
Is like this because they have no way of finding out who is Hacking there site or games so if someone report you for Hacking they will just TERMINATE IT. Done try to find out if you did or not.
But there is also one thing that they do and that is if your one of  this player that put a lot of money to there games they will only temporary suspend your account even if you are Hacking
so now i don't play this games that much it is sad to put so much time on to things that you will only lose even if you did not do any thing wrong

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