Tuesday, June 12, 2012

iPod Games

Liven Up Your iPod With Great Games

Many have branded ipods as the most entertaining thingamajig in this generation, and they are, but not only because of the music it plays. There are ipod games that can relieve you of your boredom. Ipod games are very good and entertaining, which will be perfect for you, if you are the impatient type of person. Ipod games certainly do wonders for your patience. But these wonders do not limit to this justification. There are things that ipod games can do that no other game can.

Once you start playing a certain ipod game, you get hooked to it and you will not last a day without playing it. Most of the ipod games are very addictive. Once you start playing an ipod game, it suddenly becomes part of your system. Or rather, your system becomes a part of the game.

Ipod games have their own way of transporting you to another world. This doesn’t necessarily pertain to anything cosmic, these ipod games bring you to a different world; a world of fun and enjoyment, and sometimes, for survival; fighting for your life. You run away from your own nightmares (though it is very hard to understand how you can run away from your own dreams, just think Freddie Krueger); you can be an amateur Sherlock Holmes and crack a murder case.

You can also become an exotic hero, with only a tattered piece of cloth wrapped around your hips, probably living in the deep jungle, talking to apes and other exotic creatures. There are also ipod games that relate to office work. If you’re not the office worker you wanted to be, you can be your ideal self in this game.

There are also ipod games involving architecture and construction work. There are beaches and airplanes, wherein you have to play the role of a tycoon and build your own beach resort or your own airstrip. There are a very wide variety of ipod games you can enjoy. Ipod games rank from reality to fantasy. You can play anything, that is available, that strikes your fancy.

Since ipods are portable, you can play your favorite game anywhere. When you’re waiting in a line, that seems to take for eternity, you can just whip out your ipod and play that impatience away. Also, when you’re in the loo, waiting for the cessation of God’s call, you can experience life-changing games, which may even quicken the “evacuation” of certain “residents”. You can play ipod games simply anywhere.

If your fingers get tired from all those pressing and clicking, you can just exit, then and there, and continue when you feel like embarking on your legendary journey again.

There are quite a number of companies that release ipod games. One of the top producing would be Malinche.

Malinche has released various games already, but nothing among the then-produced ipod games can match to this one. This ipod game is called The First Mile. Experiencing horror fiction interactively? Cool. Have you ever been in a horror story? Listening to it gives you goosebumps. Can you imagine what playing a role in it can do to you?

The first part of the game makes horror fiction an understatement. This game has been commented by those who have played it, that they were scared to death with this one (which you’d probably find hilarious for how, then, could they comment on it if it killed them in the first place, but that’s beyond the point).

Hearing, or in this case, reading about this ipod game terrifies you with its details on its work of horror, what more when you’re experiencing it? This is only one of the ipod games that you can enjoy. There are lots more of ipod games that you can play; your choice, your game.

So load an ipod game, or better yet, ipod games, in your ipod, and play them while swinging to the beat of your favorite track on the background. “Music adds an extra dimension to an already incredible experience”.

Apple was indeed pleased and quite impressed with these ipod games. The Apple creators felt flattered that their invention was used in such an entertaining and unique manner. In debt of gratitude, they featured the game, The First Mile, in their Apple Product Guide.

Another reason for their thanks to Malinche, is that, you do not need to graduate elementary school to know how to download an ipod game. Their device was used as a medium for kids, who are not music lovers, to enjoy them too. It just takes a few seconds, but the fun and experience last for hours on end.

Do not wait until the fat lady sings. Download that ipod game you have been having a crush on and be in on the hottest trend in the ipod world today.

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

galaxy 2 online Conquistador

the Conquistador is one of the new ship in galaxy 2 online game Humaroid Flagships i think this is one of the best ship out of all of them.
each Humaroid Flagship can be lvl up to10 times